Published 30.06.2014

Mediracer has released a measuring device for monitoring nervous system symptoms in diabetics

Oulu-based company Mediracer has released a measuring device to monitor the progress of degenerative nerve disease which commonly causes pain, loss of sensation and muscle dysfunction in diabetics. According to an American estimate, diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), occurs in up to around 60-70 per cent of diabetics. It especially affects those suffering with type 2 diabetes, totalling hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Read more »
Published 19.06.2014

Nightless-Night focusing on improved Health Outcomes

Approximately 180 delegates came to Oulu´s Nightless Night, a connected health ecosystem conference that took place at Pohto, in Oulu on June 11.. Connected Health is mainly described as a model for healthcare which uses technology to improve the delivery of health and provide flexible opportunities for consumers to engage with clinicians and better self-manage their health. Read more »
Published 17.06.2014

Number 63 on the list of 100 Acts from Oulu is the University of Oulus research into machine vision

The University of Oulu’s machine vision research has been chosen as number 63 on the 100 Acts from Oulu list. The selection panel states that the University of Oulu’s research into machine vision is internationally renowned, and that the results of the research have attracted experts in the field from all over the world to Oulu. This way, the research has also made Oulu a more international city. Read more »
Published 15.05.2014

The thrill of something new!

As of June 4, Business Oulu will be moving into new office space in Peltola, a suburb, 2 km from the city centre and next to Highway nr 4. The new premises are easy reachable by public transport as well as by car and adjacent to the health campus. Read more »
Published 12.05.2014

The 61st of the 100 acts from Oulu: Jaakko Hietamäki, whose first aid saved the life of heart attack victim Juha Ahola

The latest entry in the list of 100 acts from Oulu shows that there are still compassionate people in the world and that helping others can make a real difference. On April 2, 2014, Jaakko Hietamäki’s timely administration of first aid saved the life of Juha Ahola, who suffered a heart attack while out on a run. Jaakko Hietamäki’s exemplary conduct in the face of crisis has now been given the distinction of becoming number 61 of the 100 acts from Oulu. Read more »