Published 18.11.2014

CyberVille® - "See It at a Glance"!

CyberLightning's CyberVille is a strong and flexible software platform for visual monitoring and control of the data and the physical assets that comprise the Internet of Things (IoT/ M2M)). The end-to end data management and 3D visualization platform provides organizations with a strategic tool to control sensor and machine networks using a simple point-and-tap interface on any mobile device. Read more »
Published 17.11.2014

Four new investments by Butterfly Ventures - Strong portofolio in Slush

Four of Butterfly’s portfolio companies have been selected to appear among the best companies at Slush. Connexbird, Fourdeg and NaturVention were selected into TOP100 early stage companies list and Kyynel into TOP50 growth companies list. Meanwhile, Butterfly has been active also on the investment front. The new investments are Ceruus, Augumenta, Alpakka Media and Asmo Charger. Read more »
Published 16.10.2014

Japanese Kanagawa Prefecture and Yokohama University choose Oulu as European partner in the Life Sciences branch

The official delegation of Mr. Yuji Kuroiwa, governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, will be visiting Oulu from October 15th to 17th, 2015. The group of 19 visitors in total will acquaint themselves with the operations of the City of Oulu, the University of Oulu, local businesses, and Oulu University Hospital. Read more »
Published 19.09.2014

Oulu being marketed to investors with the help of an international architectural competition

The Unbelievable Challenge aims to bring Santa Claus’ logistics center to Oulu and create marketing buzz for a valuable commercial area Read more »
Published 17.09.2014

New flight route linking Oulu, Luleå and Tromsø

Arctic Airlink the new flight route that connects northern Norway, northern Finland and northern Sweden is soon ready for take off. The three university cities Oulu, Luleå och Tromsö will shortly have direct connection with each other. Read more »